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update and similar OOC stuff


We now have three characters filled- Buffy, Angel, and Spike. Until and unless we get other people to play other characters, I'll fill in for them as NPC's. Other than that, just reminding everyone that if they want to post a write up/journal entry of what their character is doing, they should make a post directly to this community, as opposed to posting their write up as a comment in response to, say, an OOC post. Then, once they've posted their write up, other characters are free to interact (in the form of comments) and the adventures begin!
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I forgot to mention this before, but Taltos, can you repost your intro as a post? Also if everyone could check back on old posts that would be great because there probably WILL be NPC (and possibly PC) comments. ;)
There's an Angel out there?! Wahoo! I mean...good, good. ;-)